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Rust Gamers Need Not Apply

[YOUJO] is a top end clan wars competitive community.

We are a top end clan focused on high quality play, and extreme CW excellence. We take part in nightly clan wars, advances, and team battles, along with daily detachments supplemented by tier X credit boosters. We compete at a top end level while keeping the good community aspect.

We are looking for nerds who are near, at, or exceed these stats. Liking anime is not a requirement.

- 3200+ t10 Wn8 Recent / 58% Recent WR
- Average recent tier played of > 8.0
- 5+ CW viable tier 10s, have good 8s and 6s for SH
- Active player (3-4 days a week)
- TS3 / Discord Mandatory

Diplo: Maffu, Zero_o7 (Discord: Zero_o7 #3663)
Recruitment: Tamagakure, Thunder
Apply on TS3
Be sure to drop by our teamspeak, discord, and steam group!

If you aren't near req's but want to be a part of something awesome, [SENKI] Is coming soon to a global map near you

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average