[W-UN2] World of Tank University 2 W-UN2's Logo

Stay Alive, Do Damage, Get Kills

To Apply : Please either come to teamspeak @ wotuni.ts3ip.com to discuss becoming a member of W-UN2 AKA NA2. (DO NOT JUST SEND AN APPLICATION YOU MUST COME TO TEAMSPEAK!) or visit https://wot-uni.enjin.com and apply there.

Our aim is to be have fun whilst constantly improving our game play.
We provide a friendly no pressure environment where there are no demands on commitment, but we do ask members playing in Platoons, Strongholds, Team Battles to be logged into TeamSpeak with a working mic and speakers/headset.

1. English speaking with a sense of humor and must be 16 + years of age
2. Use of TeamSpeak preferably with a Headset and Microphone
3. Always use TeamSpeak when in actively playing World of Tanks
4. Willingness to improve and work as a team player
5. A minimum of Tier 2 Tank

To Apply : Please come to teamspeak @ to discuss becoming a member of WOT-UNI NA2 or better still apply at https://wot-uni.enjin.com

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